Ordnance and Explosives Disposal Services

Explomo has a pool of EOD and Ammunition Technicians experts who have a collective experience of planning and managing a wide range of EOD projects all over of the region. With our stringent quality assurance methods and comprehensive Standard Operating Instructions we have the capacity to conduct wide-ranging quality assurance programmes on behalf of clients and to provide complete EOD Project Management Teams where required. Explomo is capable of undertaking the disposal of time-expired, surplus stockpiled or damaged ordnance in countries where the mandate for commercial companies to undertake such work exists.

Open Disposal of Ammunition & Ordnance

The term demilitarization refers to the act of removing or otherwise neutralizing the military potential of munitions. Such neutralization is to be carried out in a safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner. Demilitarization is a necessary step for military items prior to their release to a non-military setting.

This involves the disassembly of obsolete or unserviceable ordnance from military inventory into non-military and non-explosives components. The explosives materials are disposed off by burning with the use of a specialized explosive incinerator equipped with the state of the art air pollution control filtration system.


The demilitarization market today is highly fragmented with many vendors offering multiple solutions. Organizations find themselves confused and frustrated by the many systems needed to implement an effective demilitarization project. Explomo Technical Services addresses this issue by integrating the best of breed technology to create a one-stop-solution.
Explomo have many experience with projects of such nature and can therefore assist you in gaining more strategic value for your demilitarization needs by implementing proven solutions, support and maintenance. The strategic value include improved productivity and quality, reduce costs, deliver better and faster service and provide local access to services. Below captions are some of the demil plant and equipment at our overseas demil facilities.

Our significant projects are as appended :
  1. Demilitarisation inexcess of 350 Tons Ammunition in Taiwan ( 2000 to 2001)
  2. Demilitarisation of 1550 Tons of Ammunition in Singapore ( 2003 still current)
  3. Demilitarisation of 8000 Tons of Ammunition at our Leased Overseas Facilities (2008 to 2009)
  4. Demilitarisation of 4000 Tons of Ammunition at our leased Overseas Demil Facilities. (2010 and still current)
  5. Build, operate and transfer a demilitarization equipment and facilities for foreign and local defense Industries. (2010 to 2011)
Demil ammunition and furnace and equipment used at the operation site in Taiwan in 2001
Some of the 8000 Tons of recycled Items from the demilitarization of ammunition at our Offshore leased demil facilities in our 2009 operation
Some of the equipment and plant at the Offshore leased demil site
Plant and equipment supplied to demilitarized facility in 2010
Flashing of small arms fired cartridges into 5 X Free From Explosives Status

The convertion of 3X small fired cartridges to 5X status is carried out using the furnace APE 1408.This equipment is currently being deployed in the Military to ensure all scrap leaving into the commercial sector are being classified 5X.

services_flashing_01 The APE 1408 in operation at the operation site
services_flashing_02 Ordnance collected from NatSteel
pending for disposal in 2007

Dredging Operation

One of the services under taken by the Explosives and Ordnance Services in Explomo is the Removal of Ordnance stuck in Sand Dredges.

Sea dredging operation in Singapore is a major activity in Singapore reclamation project. During the operation, many of the dredgers often encounter ordnances wedged in their dredger suction head. As these are live ordnance, the proper and safe removal by Explosives Specialist ordnance is required.

Explomo Technical Services Pte Ltd provides Explosive Ordnance Specialists to identify, remove and dispose of ordnance (ie War Relics) encountered during the dredging operations.


Since 2009, our clients from the dredging reclamations industry that have engaged our expertise to remove the ordnance include: Jan De Nul N.V., Penta Ocean Construction Co. Ltd, Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors, etc.