We are principally a service provider of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) clearance, ammunition stockpile disposal and demilitarization, other ordnance and explosives sales related services to both the public and private sectors. We also co-ordinate and manage fireworks and pyrotechnic displays for the entertainment industry, as part of our services. Our core businesses are primarily in the following areas:


Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) Detection and Clearance

Military Range Clearance

In Singapore, the reduced availability of training areas for the military has led to mounting pressure being placed on existing training ground and facilities. As they are overused, existing training ground and facilities are increasingly contaminated and the need to maintain a safe training environment for military personnel becomes more urgent.

Explomo undertakes explosive ordnance contamination reduction on behalf of the Singapore Ministry of Defense using ex-military personnel who are experienced in compliance to military clearance standards and operating procedures. In addition, we also design maintenance schedules to meet the military’s precise needs so that contamination reduction can be more effectively managed. Explomo provides such services to the Singapore military since 1997 and is still the current contractor.

Bomb / War Relic Scan and Detection

Explomo has also carried out detection of ordnance projects. Significance projects are the Woodlands checkpoint, the reclamation projects around Jurong Island and ordnance- contaminated areas in Malaysia, Labuan, Taiwan etc.

Ordnance Scanning Operation at Tuas Reclaimed Land 2006 and Ordnance Depot in 2008

Specialists operating the
Metal Detector EM61 in Taiwan for
the Kinmen Harbour Authority

Ordnance collected from NatSteel
pending for disposal in 2007

Ordnance debris discovered after
the Pulau Senang scanning operation
in 2006

Explosive Ordnance Survey

Following a comprehensive threat assessment, and providing there is no landmine or booby-trap threat, Explomo can conduct a non-intrusive survey of any area. A precise anomaly map of the area will be produced that can be used to identify potential items of explosive ordnance. This can be done underwater too, including riverbanks, lake bottoms and seabed. In areas where there is a mine or booby-trap threat, Explomo’s Demining teams will conduct remote survey in order to identify the explosive ordnance threat and determine the true extent of that contamination.

All survey operations will be conducted in accordance with UN International Mine Standards (IMAS). In addition, personnel who undertake survey operations will be made available to escort other agencies and advise them on the existing threat.


The demining operation in Taiwan since 200